Module VI
R2016 Rhetoric in English Writing
R2016 Rhetoric in English Writing


  • Module: English
  • Unit: M2016 Rhetoric in writing
  • Instructor: Samantha Denise
  • Level: Level 3

Unit Overview

Introduce students to the concept of rhetoric, and provide its definition. Explain the connection between rhetoric and academic writing. Go through the application of various rhetoric devices and list a number of examples of rhetoric in writing.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • To define the concept of rhetoric and explain the rhetorical situation
  • To demonstrate how rhetoric is related to academic success
  • To describe what the rhetorical triangle is
  • To identify 3 different rhetorical appeals
  • To recognize different rhetorical devices
  • To incorporate some rhetorical devices in their writing

Unit Tasks

  • Read and review the lesson study guide;
  • Watch the lesson videoss
  • Read, review, and complete the teaching note
  • Complete assignment 2, and review the answers
  • Take and complete the quiz test


Each lesson in this unit offers 100 credits, including:

  • 25 credits for video attendance.
  • 25 credits for completing teaching notes, 5 for each blank
  • 25 credits for completing multiple choice questions, 5 for each question
  • 25 credits for taking the quiz test, 5 for each question

Video Attendance

Credit Value Requirement
25 Watch more than 3 times
20 Watch more than 2 times
15 Watch more than 1 time
0 Watch less than 1 time
(including 1 time)

Lecture Notes

Credit Value Requirement
5 First answer is correct.
4.5 Second answer is correct.
4 Third answer is correct.
3 Third answer is incorrect

Multiple Choice

Credit Value Requirement
5 First choice is correct.
4.5 Second choice is correct.
4 Third choice is correct.
3 Third choice is incorrect


Credit Value Requirement
5 Choice is correct.
0 Choice is incorrect.