M2012 Speaking III
M2012 Speaking III


  • Module: English
  • Unit: Converation and Fluency
  • Instructor: Austin Sites
  • Admission: Fall, 2021
  • Semester: Spring, 2022

Instructor Biography

Austin Sites is a highly motivated and experienced lecturer, who has worked across several fields including education, government, and linguistics: with extensive experience in both the teaching at universities both domestically and internationally. Since 2006, Sites has worked as a lecturer and taught students from around the globe both virtually and in-person. He has experience with all age groups and specializes with college and adult professional learners.

In 2012, Mr. Sites graduated with honors from George Mason University, with a degree in Communications. Since then, he has worked as an educator in the collegiate, non-profit, entertainment, and government sectors; and has worked at numerous conferences and university campus on a regular basis, including the annual Austrian Research and Innovation Talk for PhD students, the top ranked university in Russia: Higher School of Economics, and across multiple prestigious universities across China.

Unit Overview

M2012 Conversation and Fluency is an English module that introduces students to various conversation scenarios. This unit offers tips on how to maintain fluency for different conversation purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Ways to describe people
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Making appointments
  • Leaving messages
  • And telling time

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • To identify various ways to describe the appearance, personality and clothing of people.
  • To understand how to make appointments, leave messages, and tell the time.
  • To master the use of silent letters and contrasts in English pronunciation

Unit Tasks

  • Read and review the lesson study guide;
  • Watch the lesson videoss
  • Read, review, and complete the teaching note
  • Complete assignment 2, and review the answers
  • Take and complete the quiz test


Each lesson in this unit offers 100 credits, including:

  • 25 credits for video attendance.
  • 25 credits for completing teaching notes, 5 for each blank
  • 25 credits for completing multiple choice questions, 5 for each question
  • 25 credits for taking the quiz test, 5 for each question

Video Attendance

Credit Value Requirement
25 Watch more than 3 times
20 Watch more than 2 times
15 Watch more than 1 time
0 Watch less than 1 time
(including 1 time)

Lecture Notes

Credit Value Requirement
5 First answer is correct.
4.5 Second answer is correct.
4 Third answer is correct.
3 Third answer is incorrect

Multiple Choice

Credit Value Requirement
5 First choice is correct.
4.5 Second choice is correct.
4 Third choice is correct.
3 Third choice is incorrect


Credit Value Requirement
5 Choice is correct.
0 Choice is incorrect.