M3010 Academic Writing I
M3010 Academic Writing I

Unit Introduction

  • Module: Academic
  • Unit Code: M3010
  • nstructor: Jasper de Jonge
  • Level: Level 4

Unit Overview

Introduce international students to a range of common academic writing formats. It covers the following themes:

  • I. types of academic writing tasks
  • II. the format and components of academic writing
  • III. language conventions in academic writing.

The aim of this unit is to develop students’ skills and knowledge in academic writing, along with gaining a strong understanding on how to effectively complete academic writing tasks to meet university degree programme expectations.

In section (i), practical examples will be given of various styles of academic writing tasks, including: writing notes, short and long essays, report, thesis, paper, and literature review.

In section (ii), the unit will introduce academic expectations of writing an abstract, doing a case study, discussing results, citations and referencing,

In section (iii), language conventions will be explained, including how to use appropriate academic vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, numbers, passive and active voice, and how to develop your own effective academic writing style.

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Explain different types of academic writing.
  • Outline and differentiate the format and components of both short and long essays, theses, and academic journal articles.
  • Develop a sense of using academic language and style in their writing while avoiding common mistakes in vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

Unit Tasks

  • Read each lesson study guide;
  • Watch the lesson videos
  • Complete assignment 1
  • Complete assignment 2
  • Complete the quiz test


In this unit, each lesson offers 100 credits, including:

  • 25 credits for Lesson videos
  • 25 credits for Assignment 1
  • 25 credits for Assignment 2
  • 25 credits for the Quiz


Assessment on watching lesson videos is based on the viewing duration. For example, when taking a video lesson lasts 10 minutes, students will get their credit by reaching the following minimum viewing duration.

Credit Viewing duration (min)
25 40
20 30
15 20
0 ≦19


Assignment comes in many shapes and forms,including cloze, multiple choice questions, and true/false questions. Each test equals 5 credits and allows a maximum of 3 answering attempts before offering students a final score. The following table displays how each test is assessed.

Credit Assessment Criteria
5 First attempt is correct
4 Second attempt is correct
3 Third attempt is correct
2.4 Third attempt is wrong


A quiz test includes a total of 10 multiple choice questions. Before seeing their final score, students have to submit the test. The following table displays how a multiple choice question is assessed.

Credit Assessment Criteria
2.5 Make a correct choice
0 Make an incorrect choice