M3007 Research Ethics & Integrity
M3007 Research Ethics & Integrity


  • Module: Academic
  • Unit Code: M3007
  • Instructor: Monte Wynder
  • Level: Level 3

Unit Overview

As a member of the academic community you have the opportunity to become a knowledgeable and successful member of society. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to learn how to act as a scholar, to learn how to acknowledge and build upon the work of others as you increase and demonstrate your understanding of the body of knowledge in your discipline.

The ethics of research will guide your study but ultimately your academic integrity is a matter of personal choices and YOUR integrity. You will be faced with difficult choices and maintaining your personal values and integrity will sometimes require courage.

In this unit we will consider the ethics of research, why it is important to act ethically, and how you can avoid academic dishonesty.

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Understand the role of research at universities
  • Assess the quality of secondary research
  • Approach the ethical arguments for academic dishonesty
  • Appreciate the ethical arguments for academic dishonesty
  • Understand the underlying princples of referencing
  • Recognise academic dishonesty
  • Explain the harm caused by academic dishonesty
  • Engage in behaviour to avoid academic dishonesty

Unit Tasks

  • Read and review the lesson study guide;
  • Watch the lesson videoss
  • Read, review, and complete the teaching note
  • Complete assignment 2, and review the answers
  • Take and complete the quiz test


Each lesson in this unit offers 100 credits, including:

  • 25 credits for video attendance.
  • 25 credits for completing teaching notes, 5 for each blank
  • 25 credits for completing multiple choice questions, 5 for each question
  • 25 credits for taking the quiz test, 5 for each question

Video Attendance

Credit Value Requirement
25 Watch more than 3 times
20 Watch more than 2 times
15 Watch more than 1 time
0 Watch less than 1 time
(including 1 time)

Lecture Notes

Credit Value Requirement
5 First answer is correct.
4.5 Second answer is correct.
4 Third answer is correct.
3 Third answer is incorrect

Multiple Choice

Credit Value Requirement
5 First choice is correct.
4.5 Second choice is correct.
4 Third choice is correct.
3 Third choice is incorrect


Credit Value Requirement
2.5 Choice is correct.
0 Choice is incorrect.