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Orientation 2023 AUT SEM
Orientation 2023 AUT SEM

UNILNK Welcome Letter 2023


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you as a student of UNILINK. UNILINK was founded by Students Exchange Program for China and Foreign High-level Universities with a vision of providing innovative and immersive learning experiences to enrolled students. The platform was developed as a joint effort by global partners from the higher education community. We welcome and support all students in their learning, discovery, creativity development, and engagement both on and off-campus.

Inside UNILINK is a collection of lectures, lessons, webinars, talks, and modules to support you during your first two academic years. We set high expectations for you to do your best in the lessons and activities you engage in throughout your time on the platform. We have confidence in your ability to succeed as you navigate your academic experience while meeting the expectations of the program, your family, and yourself. In addition, we are engaged with global partners in many academic institutes to further support you as you strive for excellence, explore the possibilities, and achieve your goal of completing this great program.

We are confident that you will complete the program and leave an excellent mark. We encourage you to reach out to your program manager and explore how you can benefit from the program.


UNILINK Academic Staff